WonderEsque presents:

Your ultimate high-quality veggie gadget.
Strong and reliable, super-easy to operate AND in a premium packaging,.
WonderVeg Slicer is the perfect gift for your family and friends! .
You'll LOVE the simplicity of using the WonderVeg Slicer!

Versatility of the Tri Blades

WonderVeg Tri Blade Spiral Slicer includes 3 stainless-steel blades for versatility:

  • Shredder: creates long, spaghetti-like spiral strands (zucchini noodles, vegetable spaghetti, curly fries);
  • Chipper: creates long, thick spiral strands;
  • Straight: creates long, ribbon-like strands (for making potato chips as snacks)

Strong and resistant, you can switch the blades easily and you can even store them in the storing built-in compartment.

Our specially designed PINK cleaning brush will easily remove the tiniest pieces of veggies and avoid the sharp blades with this handy brush.

Plus, the tri blade spiralizer is DISHWASHER SAFE .

So easy to operate that it will give you healthy delicious colorful noodles and ribbons and within seconds!
You can store the blades in the storing built-in compartment.
For your comfort, WonderVeg Veggie Slicer Spiralizer has powerful suction feet for stability on your table.

Works with all the vegetables

Compared to the handheld slicers, the WonderVeg Tri Blade Vegetable Spiralizer WORKS with ALL KIND of Vegetables, no matter how FIRM
or SOFT they are and in ALL SIZES, small or large:

Beetroot….. you name it!

Mini Recipe Book Included:
Lose weight and get healthy!

Our delicious recipes will inspire you to continue in your healthy
lifestyle or Low carb/ Gluten free / Raw / Paleo diet.

ENJOY your VEGAN choise: Finally, your and your family can enjoy the benefits of vegan meals.

It is so easy and fun to use, that you will want to use it every day.

Eating healthy veggie salads, vegetarian shawarma or spaghetti pasta never looked or tasted so delicious!

Take it with you in vacation

What a traveling friend! Here is WonderVeg Tri Blade Spiral Slicer in the Philippines, on the Apo Island, famous among divers and a great place to swim with turtles!

Yes, indeed! Because it is hand operated -- no batteries or AC outlet necessary.
This vegetable spiralizer does not require an outlet connection or batteries.

Simply place vegetable or fruit on prongs, turn wheel while pushing base toward blade.
So EASY to operate, especially for delicate women!
It will give you healthy zucchini noodles, veggie spaghetti and ribbons within SECONDS!

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