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WonderEsque Bento Lunch Box: A Leak Proof Lunch Container For Kids and Adults (DARK BLUE)
This will make your life so much better and easier. As the whole Wonderesque concept promotes, our lunch box too continue our strive for excellence and dedication to high quality products and life improvement..
The Wonderesque Box is not just a simple lunch box, but an improved one, with a well thought design both from an aesthetic point of view and a functional one.
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The Wonderesque Box is the most user-friendly lunch box, being safe and easy to use even by the children due to its kids-friendly open latch.
Because it features 4-compartments, this Bento style lunch box is for both adults and kids. One 2.5-cup section, two ¾-cup sections and a ¼-cup dip well hold an entire meal in this lightweight, compact lunch system.

You will be happy to know that you can store all kind of foods inside, from fruits, to veggies, to complete meals, due to its big compartments, as you can see in the selected pictures.


We really thought of everything when we conceived the WonderEsque Lunch Box. We made sure that the inner tray is removable so the cleaning won’t make you sweat. Moreover, this is microwave-safe, so this amazing removable inner tray lets you enjoy a hot meal wherever you are.

Excellent for :
picnics and recess lunch time
night meal prepping for the next day
keeping fruits and vegetables fresh and air-tight
lunch time at the office


Our research led us to find that a lot of lunch boxes on the market are not made from non-toxic food grade materials. So we really made this a priority and we invested in the best material out there. For our own food safety and for a long lasting service.
That is why, our bento lunch box contains no BPA or phthalates.

Moreover, the outer box is made of ABS plastic and the inner tray is made of Tritan plastic - both known for superior impact resistance .
Here is what Wikipedia has to say about Tritan: Tritan is an impact-resistant plastic — products can be used without fear of shattering. Tritan is a tough plastic — extending the useful life of water bottles and food containers.

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