WonderEsque HOME presents:

The "Light of Thrones" by WonderEsque Spiralizer: a wonderful fun toilet night light for your throne.

With an amazing intelligent motion-activated sensor, this LED night light allows you to go to the bathroom during the night without chasing the sleep away.

No more stumbling in the dark. No more blinding lights.

Plus, the Light of Thrones by WonderEsque Home switches between 8 different colors.

And it is the PERFECT GIFT for your loved ones!

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The Best Toilet Night Light Motion Activated There is...

With amazing reviews from our customers, we are honored to be the #1 TOP Most Rated Toilet Night Light on Amazon.

The Light of Thrones by WonderEsque Home features an auto-sensing system that turns on when you are close by and auto off when you leave.

Installation is very easy. It has a flexible arm with 180° bending angle so it can be attached to any shape toilet bowl and will stay in place.

It also features 8 Colors light emission: Each color rotates for 15 seconds.

Perfect for Potty Training

Finally, a fun solution: the Light of Thrones by WonderEsque Home for starting potty training.

Struggling with Potty Training Your Kids? Do you want to make it fun for your kids?
Solve All These Issues with the "Light of Thrones" Toilet Night Light - a Colorful Motion Activated Sensor Toilet Nightlight. Kids will love it because it makes Potty Training FUN!

OTHER features:

-- Activated 8 Color changing allows you to set to a single-color (you have 8 different color options) or automatically cycle through colors, 15 seconds randomly, 120 seconds overall for a full cycle.
-- If you have a favorite color, you can also set the color of your choice.
-- Energy-efficient and useful: Makes your bathroom easy to access via the auto-sensing device, smart and considerate.
-- We designed the "Light of Throne" Toilet Bowl Light to be ENERGY-SAVING and environment protective: it activates only when you come near it and it turn off automatically after 2 minutes.

TIP: Be smart: it is best to install it on the side close to the bathroom’s door.

Results are amazing. Your Family will absolutely love it!

Buy now from Amazon.com !

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