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Thank you for being here, with us.  🙂
As you might see while being on this website: We are obsessed with quality AND aesthetics.
There’s no way we would ever choose other products than the sturdiest heavy-duty products.

But we also love the presentation.
We love beauty.

We believe life, in all its aspect, should be wonderful; should be beautiful;
should be super-charged with creativity.
Life should be WonderEsque.


We have started WonderEsque as a way to share with everyone a healthy clean lifestyle and nutrition.
This has been our goal: to help as many people as possible live a healthier life.
And we believe so much in our goal because we have personally seen and lived the benefits
since we recently celebrated our 5th year of eating a clean healthy, mostly plant-based diet.


We believe TIME is the one and the only resource we can never recover, no matter how hard we all try,
so by bringing you these well-thought-out products, we strongly hope that
we are giving you more time to spend together
with your loved ones, such as we, as a family, do.

For our customers, WonderEsque means high-end premium home gadgets conceived to simplify
your family’s life. And out first product speaks to this: check out our WonderVeg Slicer here!

We launched our first product in May 2015. Since then, we have gathered thousands of
happy clients and thousands of excellent reviews on Amazon, on blogs or Social Media.

We are honored and super stocked for this great array of compliments.
Because of this, we are now even more devoted to bringing you only spectacular, wonderful products.


1. May 2015:
Launching Our First Product
the WonderVeg Tri Blade Spiralizer which was unbeatable
at the #1 TOP RATED Spiralizer on Amazon
since August 2015 until February 2016 (when WonderVeg has been dethroned by our 2nd model of spiralizer,
its smaller brother, the WonderEsque).

2. November 2015 :
Launching Our WonderEsque Bento Lunch Box (Blue)

3. February 2016:
Launching our compact version of tri-blade, the WonderEsque Spiralizer
40% Smaller, More Compact, featuring an intelligent break-apart design.

4. July 2016:
Launching our 2nd Model of Bento Lunch Box (Blue and Pink)
The first 100% LEAK-PROOF bento lunch box existing on

5. October 2016:
Launching the “Light of Thrones” Motion Activated Toilet Night Light

As a proof of our commitment to high-quality,
we have been super proud to hold the highest rating on Amazon with WonderVeg,
beating big brands like Paderno or Spiralizer.
Then we surpassed our own best rating on Amazon when we launched our second model of spiralizer.
Since we launched it, we proudly kept the title of # 1 TOP RATED Spiralizer on
We are still strong with a spectacular rating of 4.7 stars. 

We are working on bringing new home gadgets for you and your family.
Please stay tuned! 🙂


You can rely on our WonderEsque products as your favorite new toys. Our goal is to provide you with a WonderFul creative living experience.

Aesthestics and
Hight-End Design

  • Selecting Only Innovative Designs
  • We LOVE Aesthetics
  • We Bring Wonder. to Life
  • We Believe in High-Quality Products

No Boring” Policy:
Just WonderEsque

  • Bringing You Creative Products
  • Fun and Joy in your Kitchen
  • Become a DESIGNER for Your Loved Ones
  • Love and Treat Your Family

Customer Care

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