WonderEsque HOME presents:

The Aromatherapy Essential Oils Diffuser and Cool Mist Humidifier : an elegant tulip-shaped aroma diffuser for your bedroom, office or living room.

Enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic experience inside the luxury of your own home.

With the largest capacity on the market of 400 ML, the WonderEsque Home Aroma Diffuser does not need for you to refill the reservoir with water every 2 hours.

It operates for 8 hours straight and allows you to enjoy an invigorating long night sleep.

And it is the PERFECT Housewarming GIFT for your friends and family!

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A Craft of Art Guaranteed to Get You Compliments from Your Friends and Family....

With amazing reviews from our customers, we are honored to share with you a wonderful product that we use ourselves in our bedroom and office room.

With its classic wood-grain finish style, the AromaTherapy Diffuser and Cool Mist Humidifier by WonderEsque Home is both beautiful and practical and can fit with any type of decor.


-- Very easy to use. Just add water + some drops of essential oil into the tank and turn it ON.

-- Features 7 LED Colors Changing that can be your new nightlight.

-- TIMER SETTINGS : 4 Time Options: 1h / 3h / 6 h or Continuous Mode.
-- MIST CONTROL: 2 choices of cold mist: weak mist (12 working hours) and strong mist (8 working hours)
-- WATERLESS AUTO SHUT-OFF: No worries if you leave it plugged and leave for work. The safety feature will turn it off when no more water in the reservoir.

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Amazing Health Benefits


Finally, a solution for dry skin and mouth: the Aromatherapy Essential Oils Diffuser and Cool Mist Humidifier works amazingly for your bedroom. No more waking up with dry skin, mouth, or eyes when inside air is dry and stale.

OTHER features:


— 7 ROTATING LIGHTS: You can cycle through them or freeze to your preferred one.
— Each color has 2 options: dim and bright.
— 1 YEAR NO-HASSLE WARRANTY: free replacement in case of any issues. Just shoot us an email.

Results are amazing. Your Family will absolutely love it!

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

What a beautiful diffuser 💟

By P. Lopezon July 13, 2017
Verified Purchase

Just put my diffuser up and to work and I must say.....wow! First off it looks great in my decor, classy and stylish, not cheap or poorly made. I also must say I love the large 400ml reservoir, makes for lots of hours of diffusing before it needs to be refilled. The light feature I have not used yet, but my teenagers thought they were rad 😜. The diffuser have different time settings, I've only used the 3 hour mode and it was great, it also has a 1 hour mode and 6 hour mode. Highly recommend this diffuser, price is amazing and it comes with a 1 year warranty as well.

By mmandkcson July 13, 2017
Verified Purchase
I love it! I've had smaller ones, but I like this one more as it holds much more water so, therefore, it runs for longer. Score! Exactly as pictured, works well, and does the job it's intended.

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