Introducing the Sturdiest and Most Compact Tri Blade Ever: The WonderEsque Spiralizer

40% SMALLER and More Compact than Standard Tri Blades
SUPER Intelligent Plastic Construction for Easy Break Apart

INTRODUCING THE NEW WONDERESQUE COMPACT SPIRALIZER:  SAVE SPACE in Your Kitchen with our amazing compact spiralizer: 40% SMALLER and More Compact than Standard Tri Blades.

Unbeatable advantages that you will absolutely LOVE:

  • The WonderEsque Spiralizer Fits in Almost Every Drawer
  • Perfect for small kitchens
  • Made from SUPER STURDY and STRONG ABS plastic
  • So EASY to Clean: It breaks into multiple pieces so you can wash them more easily
  • A revolutionary SUPER Strong Suction CUP that holds the gadget into place on your counter.
  • Backed by a 2 year warranty.

Introducing the Sturdiest Lunch Box Container: WonderEsque Bento Box

Are you ready for an amazing reusable lunch box, ideal for traveling and lunch at school or in the office?
Our WonderEsque Box is a Leak-Proof Bento Lunch Box Container for Kids and Adults.

INTRODUCING THE NEW WonderEsque BENTO BOX: An amazingly lunch container where you can easily pack wet foods like yogurt and applesauce (not water).

Enjoy amazing benefits:

  • It is dishwasher safe. Top rack only. You can hand washing the outer shell
  • The removable tray is made from Tritan and microwave-safe. 
  • It seals with one lid and this is a kid-friendly latch.
  • The outer box is made from super sturdy ABS with stainless steel supported hinge,
  • It is made from all food-safe materials, BPA-free and phthalates-free.
  • No more spending and spending. It is a reusable lunch box and it is great for all of your meals-on-the-go!

Introducing your new favorite toy: WonderVeg Tri Blade Spiralizer

Prepare yourself and your family for a spectacular approach to preparing veggies and fruits

INTRODUCING THE NEW WONDER VEG Spiralizer: The first ever TRI BLADE vegetable spiralizer that comes with a cleaning brush and replacement parts for long lasting service!

Enjoy PREMIUM QUALITY with this Complete Spiral Bundle

  • The WonderVeg Spiral Slicer
  • FREE Pink Cleaning Brush
  • 1 EXTRA Crank Handle (Replacement)
  • 1 EXTRA Holding End Cap (Replacement)
  • Vegetable Spiralizer Mini RECIPE Book
    perfect for a GIFT

Introducing the most loved crazy invention: the Light of Thrones AS SEEN ON Shark Tank.

Out of all technology smart home gadgets out there, you will love this one.

INTRODUCING THE “Light of THRONES” Toilet Night Light: Don’t destroy your eyes by turning on that switch, and there’s no need to wait for your eyes to adjust from dark to sharp bright light.

Amazing advantages: 

  • Activated 8 Color changing
  • Set to a single-color (you have 8 different color options) or automatically cycle through colors, 15 seconds randomly, 120 seconds overall for a full cycle. 
  • ENERGY-SAVING and environment protective: it activates only when you come near it and it turns off automatically after 2 minutes.
  • Be smart: it is best to install it on the side close to the bathroom’s door.
  • Perfect Home Gadget for Potty Training

Introducing a sprinkle of wonder: The WonderEsque Zester Grater

CREATE WONDERFUL Garnishes and Decorations for Your Dishes and Desserts. A wonderful chocolate and lemon / citrus zester !

INTRODUCING THE WONDERESQUE ZESTER GRATER: Excellent for hard cheeses, onions, citrus fruits (lemon, orange), chocolate and hard ginger.

Amazing advantages: 

  • It is DISHWASHER safe
  • it comes with a protective cover for washing and keeping your hands away from the sharp edges.
  • Made from STAINLESS STEEL : High-quality 18/8 stainless steel
  • Grating edges that stay razor sharp over time. 
  • The blade measures 8-1/2-Inch long;
  • Elegant Premium Design in Black and Pink
  • It comes with a pressure-absorbing processed rubber handle. 

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