***** Absolutely love this veggie spiral slicer!! So easy to use. So far have used it on various veggies, both hard and soft and they have all worked beautifully. Love making my meals not only delicious but beautiful to look at!! It is a joy making salads, "pastas" and even toppings for sandwiches!! It wows, it works..
Dee J., Vancouver
***** To put this simply, This thing is amazing! I fell in love with it at first use! I decided to make a spaghetti dinner with a side salad and thought this would be a great opportunity at testing this out! I decided to use this to cut some carrots first, that is when I discovered the bigger the vegetable that you use the better results you are going to get, We tested all three blades that come with this on several different vegetables which included, carrots, cucumbers, radishes and onions, oh and just for the heck of it I even tried a head of lettuce, but that did not work lol.
Brandy Monday
***** This has become my favorite kitchen gadget! I've been putting a lot of emphasis on eating healthy but I just hated the "blah" feeling/taste I experienced when eating vegetables. So I decided to get a spiral slicer to cut my zucchini into noodles and I love that WonderVeg's vegetable spiralizer came with ..
Claudia Carvajal, Miami
***** I needed to contact the company and they were fabulous about getting back to me and taking care of everything. Love the product and the company that makes it.
Trish Keller
***** I bought this to make it fun for my kids to eat more veggies. They do eat more vegetables now! They love the new yummy look of their veggies. Very happy with the purchase of this tri blade spiralizer.
Emma T.

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